December 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

M.M Cleveland, OH

Single working women whose partner left abruptly and left her with unpaid bills. Since they always shared expenses including rent she was caught off guard as to the additional finances for the month while at the same time she had over extended herself by using her rent money for her mother’s emergency medication post hospitalization because she had no insurance. We helped with one month rent.

S.W. Cleveland, OH

Single working woman who is also a full time student had to leave her apartment and move in with a relative because her apartment was infested with bedbugs and the landlord was unable to eliminate the problem. In addition to having to throw out most of her furniture she had to find a new place to live but could not afford both the security and the first month rent. We helped with the first month rent.

N.T. Euclid, OH

Working couple grieving the loss of a chronically ill child to the H1N1 virus. Both of them lost time at work and they had to use their life savings to bury him since his illness prevented them from getting insurance. As a result they fell behind on one month’s rent. We assisted them in their rent payment.

November 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

D.S.,Cleveland, OH

Working Mom with one child lost everything they had in an apartment fire. Needed help with one month security to move into a new place.

V.S., Cleveland, OH

Working single mom with 3 children lost income due to her child’s severe chronic illness flare up. Needed help with one month’s rent.

B.J., Circleville, OH

Full time student who works full time experienced extenuating costs because she was forced to move off campus into private housing because of her age. At the same time she lost 6 days of income because employer had emergency business out of town and she was not able to work. Needed help with one month rent.

U.J., Cleveland, OH

Single working Mom lost her full time job and was only able to find part time work for 2 months but was willing to take it. Started a full time job at the end of that time and needed help with one month rent. During that time she also took in a struggling teenage family member to live with her to give her a better environment and chance at life.

M.S., Cleveland, OH

Single gentleman who was laid off from a full time job because of a discrepancy on his application which has since been resolved. In the meantime he did find other full time employment but was unable to meet his rent payment with the loss of income until his first pay check. Worked with CEOGC to assist this applicant with rent.

October 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

O.O. Cleveland, OH

Single working mother was working for an agency that cut her hours and not able to make ends meet on that salary. Within 2 weeks she found another job working full time and is keeping part time agency job for extra income. Needed assistance with one month rent.

E.W., Warrensville Hts., OH

Working grandmother who lost 2 weeks of income to care for her grandchildren while her daughter recuperated from a kidney transplant and also dealt with a very expensive car repair so she could continue to work and help her daughter. Needed help with one month rent.

C.V, Cleveland, OH

Single working mother of 4 children who lost 4 weeks at work because of documented illness. One child has a severe chronic illness and occasionally needs emergency medical attention. Her phone was disconnected because of inability to pay bill. We assisted with getting the phone bill paid and getting phone turned back on.

M.P. Bedford Hts., OH

Single working mother had been out of work for a month when she found a part time job that in a month’s time would be full time. After starting full time she fell at work and injured her back. While she was able to work a few hours a week she was not able to resume full time for another month. Needed help with one month rent.

T.K., Rock Creek, OH

Single working mother of 2 got herself into a leasing situation when she was working part time with some fees she was never made aware of. Could not afford additional costs and got an eviction notice. In the mean time she was able to find full time work but was still unable to afford to pay all of her monthly costs. Working with Jobs and Family Services we were able to assist with a security deposit for a less expensive apartment that she could afford.

L.J. Warrensville Hts., OH

Single working woman whose car was stolen and the leasing company found her still responsible for remaining car payments. As a result she had to file bankruptcy. In addition she had the expense of trying to find a used car for transportation. She needed assistance with one month’s rent.

J.K. Lake Worth, FL

Working Dad who lost 3 weeks of income because of cancer treatment. Needed help with an electric bill.

September 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

S.K., Thompson, OH

Single woman lost her second job which improved her income enough to enable her to make ends meet. During the month that it took her to find another part time job to supplement her income she fell behind in her rent. We assisted with one month rent.

R.S., Newbury, OH

Recently widowed senior on a fixed income who also recently underwent surgery could not afford repairs on her car that she needed to remain independent , get to her doctor’s appointments and also provide transportation to care for her seriously ill adult daughter. We assisted with her car repair bill.

G.M., Plymouth, MA

Adult couple living on his fixed disability income. He has severe M.S. and is wheelchair bound and his wife is his full time care giver. Unable to afford repair bills for their van that has sat idle for 3 months causing him to be unable to leave his home and miss rehab. We assisted with the van repair.

August 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

M.J., Cleveland, OH

Single working Mom needed to find alternate housing. One new landlord took her security deposit and two weeks before her planned move rented apartment to someone else and refused to return her deposit. While in a court battle she could not afford the security deposit for another apartment. We assisted with this new security deposit.

July 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

J.H., Sandpoint, Idaho

Professional working single mom, lost her job. Found a full time position in another state but could not afford the transportation and housing costs associated with making the move. Decided to live in a shelter until her first paycheck but couldn’t afford the 5 tanks of gas it would take to make the move.We assisted with enough gas cards to get her to her new job.

L.M., Chardon, OH

Single mom living pay check to paycheck could not afford repairs on unsafe vehicle that is her only means of transportation to work. We assisted with the car repair cost.

A.S. Chagrin Falls, OH

Both a medical emergency causing time off without pay and a necessary housing move made this single working Mom unable to pay one months rent. We assisted with that rent payment.

M.G. San Juan, TX

Married women who recently had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer. Husband works full time but they barely make ends meet. Normally a clinic patient she needed to see a specialist to develop her cancer treatment plan and get her lab and pathology reports but the doctor would not see her until she could pay for the visit up front. She will return to the clinic for her chemotherapy. We paid the doctors fee for this one time visit.

May 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

P.C. Phoenix,AZ

Single father supporting 2 small children . Car died and has been sitting in the shop because he cannot afford the repair bill. Job is in jeopardy because he has been late several times since he has to use the bus to get his one child to day care, the other to school and then himself to work. We assisted with the car repair.

R.H. Willowick, OH

Single Mom was sharing expenses with a roommate until the roommate moved out unexpectedly and left her with an unpaid half of the utility bill. Using her savings to make a move to a less expensive apartment left her without resources to pay off the utility bill so she could reinstate the services in her new apartment. We paid the remainder of the utility bill.

S.J. Cleveland, OH

Lost income when hours were decreased but was able to procure full time employment in another department within 60 days. Needed help with a security deposit to get into a less expensive apartment so she could budget her income better. We assisted with the security deposit.

R.M. Maple Heights, OH

Recently single Mom who works full time but could not afford to pay for a much needed car repair that was a safety issue for her and her children while driving to work and school. We assisted with the car repair.

April 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

M.M. Mentor, OH

Single Mom working full time. Car broke down and she did not have money for the car repair that she needed to continue working. We paid for her emergency car repair.

G.P. Chesterland, OH

Military vet living on a fixed disability income needed help with an emergency roof repair. Working in coordination with the Ashtabula County Community Action Housing Services division we assisted with a partial grant to complete the roofing project.

February 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

C.S. , Solon, OH

Couple on a fixed income took adult daughter and 3 grandchildren in in an emergency situation. Their normal living expenses went up drastically. Adult daughter found full time employment and will help with bills but until her paychecks kick in they needed assistance with their utility bills for one month.

January 2009 - Helping Hand Grant Recipients

J.B., Cleveland, OH

Single woman supporting a teenage son and an adult mentally ill son. Injured on job and receiving workman’s comp. While able to maintain her other bills she did not have an emergency fund to repair a car that she needed to get to rehab, get her son to appointments, shopping etc. We assisted with the car repair.

C.S., Thompson, OH

Widowed woman living on permanent disability checks and her husband’s death benefit checks. Had saved all year to pay for a tank of propane gas to get her through the winter but fell short of the amount needed to fill her tank. We assisted with the difference she needed to fill her tank.

D.Y., Garfield Heights, OH

Single permanently disabled women living with her mentally and physically ill sister, also deemed permanently disabled. They combine their social security disability checks to survive. While they live pay check to paycheck and they are able to maintain their normal household bills she did not have an emergency fund to pay for a car repair that she desperately needed. We assisted with the car repair.

A.R., Baltimore, MD

Married couple needing 2 incomes to survive. He lost his job and missed 2 months of work before starting a new job and will not get paid until 2 weeks once he started. Keeping up with everything else they did not have enough to pay their rent for one month.

T.S., Bedford Heights, OH

Single Mom with 2 children lost 6 weeks of full income being out on maternity leave. While she received 66% of her salary during this time she was able to maintain all her bills but came up short on one month rent. We assisted with the difference she was unable to pay.


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